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      Whatever music gets you shake, rattling and rolling, be it the blues, rock, metal or country you can rest easy knowing that The Music Factory teaches both the electric and acoustic guitar to everyone, be you a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between. So get to it and become a guitar star as we expertly guide you through everything from learning your favorite songs to advanced theory. Our fun but challenging lessons are taught via our original Guitar Lesson method book; lessons are then given in-depth reinforcement through our comprehensive progress checks. Music Factory Guitar students LOVE to practice and show up to their lessons with a smile on their face, and ready to enjoy playing some music!


      Our piano professors teach a variety of styles ranging from jazz to popular music. Whether you are a budding Art Tatumor or Alicia Keys our professors are dedicated to helping you become an accomplished pianist.

      Our piano faculty expertly guides students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to advanced technique and theory. Your favorite songs are also included in your piano lessons. Why? Because happy students mean motivated students, which always equals success.

      Our piano lessons are perfect for all ages, with tailored learning available for those wanting to start from as young as 7 years old.


      The Music Factory’s drum students –as with all our students– love music. Be it rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, or any number of different styles, they are dedicated to learning the rhythmic language of drumming.

      Our drum professors can challenge any drum student with a wide variety of fun technical exercises. Exercises designed to improve any student’s drumming skills. Always aiming to have happy learners the student decides which drum part they wish to master first. Your learning theory is also guaranteed by the use of The Music Factory’s proven Drum method book and testing program.

      Our programs are for all abilities, be you a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between. The Music Factory’s tailored drumming program is also available for those wanting to start from as young as 8 years old.


      If you have always wanted to be a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we have the pitch-perfect voice professor just for you. Every week our voice students enjoy the challenge of physical exercises that are specifically designed to improve vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and much, much more.

      Students set personal goals for their voice lessons. Along with your professor, you can work on sounding like your favorite recording artists. Or, if you prefer, you can develop your own unique voice. We also provide multiple opportunities for students to perform in public through performance events. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you find your voice in a fun, challenging way!


      Learn to scratch and spin with the best of them! DJ lessons are super fun and are great for kids and adults. Our expert DJ instructor will take you from the very basics to being able to spin at a club or event!

    • Rock Band Classes

      Nothing will make a young or aspiring music lover grow faster than playing in a rock band setting. But that’s only half of the story. Band members learn important life lessons like team building, goal setting and problem-solving. There is no better confidence builder than playing a live rock and roll show in front of a big crowd. This is a great benefit for both young students as well as adults.

      The Music Factory has band classes for students of all ages, as young as 4 years old in our Kidzrock classes, all the way up to adults who can participate in one of our “Mid Life Crisis” adult band camps.

    • Kidzrock band classes

      Kidzrock is the nationally acclaimed music program that teaches kids ages 4 to 7 how to play in a real rock band. Students rotate on Drums, Guitar, Piano and Voice and learn kid friendly rock songs written for the program. The students learn real theory and notation and even play concerts!

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